Public disclosure of Transfers of Value (ToV) to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) & Organisations (HCOs)


Janssen wholeheartedly supports the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Disclosure Code. This Code represents an effort to further self-regulate the way pharmaceutical companies can work and interact with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) when there is a value transfer involved. The code has a significant impact on improving transparency in relation to the financial details of interactions between Janssen and HCPs and HCOs, showing that these interactions are legitimate and with the purpose of improving patient outcomes.

In June 2016, Janssen along with other pharmaceutical companies who are members of the IPHA, published the Transfers of Value (ToV) made during 2015. Moving forwards, ToV will be published in June on an annual basis for transactions made during the previous calendar year.

CP-388103 | May 2023

Why a Disclosure of Transfer of Value (ToV) Code?

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