Dosing and Administration

TREMFYA® has a convenient dosing regimen, with 6 doses per year in PsA and Pso1

Dosing and administration chart

For PsA patients at high risk for joint damage according to clinical judgement, a dose of 100 mg every 4 weeks may be considered1

In PsA clinical studies, an increased incidence of liver enzyme elevations was observed in patients treated with TREMFYA® q4w compared to patients treated with TREMFYA® q8w or placebo. When prescribing TREMFYA® q4w in psoriatic arthritis, it is recommended to evaluate liver enzymes at baseline and thereafter according to routine patient management. If increases in ALT or AST are observed and drug-induced liver injury is suspected, TREMFYA® should be temporarily interrupted until this diagnosis is excluded1

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TREMFYA® offers patients simple, flexible dosing1

"How to use" video Tremfya is suitable for patients and caregivers. It includes helpful information on preparing and self-administrating TREMFYA® injections

TREMFYA® provides self-administration via One-Press – a device highly accepted by patients2

98.4% of patients starting on TREMFYA® were satisfied or very satisfied with their self-injections with One-Press at Week 122

Adverse events should be reported. Healthcare professionals are asked to report any suspected adverse events via: HPRA Pharmacovigilance Website:

Adverse events should also be reported to Janssen Sciences Ireland UC on 1800 709 122 or at

  1. Ferris L, et al. J Derm Treat 2020;31:152-159.
CP-366039 - February 2023